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I finally did the right thing by going here and signing Bruce Perens’ petition against the Novell-Microsoft deal which everybody is talking about. If you value the freedom to write and share software, please read up carefully on the implications of this deal and, if you feel that Novell’s deal with Microsoft is a threat to those freedoms, do sign the petition as well.

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Seasonal greetings

Today is the last work day before the holidays so Happy Yule everybody.

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Vad i helvete..?


Hur kan någon vara så genomkorkad? Jag är givetvis 100% emot dödstraff, men om det skulle bli infört hoppas jag att “författare” som David Anderson blir de första in i gaskammaren. Men lyckligtvis kommer inte dödstraffet tillbaka så jag rekommenderar instället tjära och fjädrar.

Så vilka brott skulle dödstraff utdömas för? “De allra grövsta brotten”. Terrorism är ett exemples som ges. Okej, det kan jag gå med på att det är ett grovt brott. Och i så fall borde vi omedelbart hänga två superterrorister, nämligen Busken och hans pudel, Tony B. Liar.

För övrigt anser Anderson att landsförräderi och högförädderi är grova brott för vilket dödstraff borde utdömas. Eh, ursäkta mig? Landsförräderi???? Det är ju så idiotiskt att jag saknar ord. När blev det ett grovt brott? Nu när jag kommer att tänka på det, när blev det ett brott över huvudtaget?

Förbannade idiot!

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Yeah, yeah, so God hates Sweden, so what? Sweden hates God as well.

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Regn export

Eftersom ni i Sverige har överskott på regn, kan ni inte skicka lite till oss? I Ghana är det hett och torrt. Lite regn skulle verkligen hjälpa.

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It’s about time

Recently, a truly horrible human monster, finally did the right thing and died. He’s mourned by his prostitute Maggie. That upper-class tramp should take a note from her fallen friend and go and croak as well. Bitch! What the fuck does she mean that she is “saddened by his death”. Oh, boo hoo, can’t give him no more blow jobs.. She should just STFU.

Bruce may have sung that “Only the Good Die Young”, but at age 91, even Pinochet had to kick it in. Why couldn’t he have done so sooner? Like 30 years ago, perhaps. And to think that he didn’t even get convicted for his crimes against humanity. I don’t believe in Heaven and Hell, but I sure wish they could quickly construct a nice little Inferno for this asshole’s soul to rot in. Hey, that would be a worthwhile bounty! “Create Hell, and place evil dead dictators there”. I think I’d be ready to make a donation towards that one.

The Next question is when is that Yale “graduate” going to do the world the same favor? Or his poodle, Tony B. Liar. Not for a long time, I guess. At least they could do like Ronnie did, and turn themselves into vegetables. I don’t mean to make fun of Alzheimer’s. It’s a terrble disease that claims a lot of lives. It’s just that some people deserve to have horrible things happen to them.

Which brings us back to the guest of honor, the late General. He killed, he tortured, and he got away with it. He wouldn’t have got away with it, but hey, this is DEMOCRACY: you can get away with anything as long as you have powerful friends. I guess those late night sessions, stroking Maggie’s labia with your tongue paid off, didn’t they, General?

Late Gen. Augusto Pinochet, I am sincerly glad you are dead. I hope your death was painful. You won’t be missed. Fuck off!

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I2CAP in Ashanti Region

I just got back from a week in the Ashanti Region. I was there with my colleagues Eben and Dorothy to train teachers in preparation for the I2CAP program. It felt like the training went well. There were several participants who showed a lot of enthusiasm and that always makes it more fun to teach.

In about a weeks time we will head off again, this time to Northern Region. After that, all we have left is Upper East and Upper West and we will have covered all the regions in Ghana. I expect that will happen early next year.

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There and back again

I just got back from a roadshow that took us to northern Ghana. We were a group from AITI who went all the way up to Paga just at the border to Burkina Faso.

We departed from AITI at 5 o’clock on Friday morning. I hadn’t slept at all the night before, so I was quite tired. Our first stop was at Kumasi where we ran a number of workshops. I was supposed to go to Kumasi Polytechnic to do a talk about open source but the person we were to meet was nowhere to be found. The others had better luck over at KNUST. We spent the first night at Engineering Guest House on KNUST campus.

Saturday morning we all had to get up at 4 o’clock which pissed me off. But we had a long journey. First we went to Tamale where we had lunch. Then we moved on to Bolga where we stayed the second night. A small group went to Navrongo to give another presentation. There wasn’t space in the car, so I didn’t take part in that presentation either. That night a few of us had quite a few drinks. I got very little sleep.

Sunday morning we got up at 4 o’clock again, and I was pissed off again. The trip really sucked from that point of view. After breakfast we departed for Paga, where we went to the Burkina Faso border as well as one of the crocodile ponds. I had been to one of those before but that was many years ago. Crocodiles are fascinating animals. Turning them into tourist attractions isn’t.

When we were done in Paga we spent the rest of the day on the road. We had a long distance to travel, because we had to be back in Kumasi that evening to spend another night at the Engineering Guest House. I reached Kumasi hungry and tired. After dinner a few of us went out to one of the local night clubs. It was quite okay, but after a couple of drinks I needed to get back to the guest house to catch a few hours of sleep.

Monday morning we didn’t have to get up as early. We had breakfast and started the journey back to Accra. It seemed to take forever, but finally we were back. It was so great to be back home.

All in all the trip was quite okay. There were a number of things I wasn’t happy with however. Like the strict military-like disciple. I’m not a disciplined person, period. Early mornings suck. Discipline sucks. Bad food sucks. Not having time to do the things *I* want to do sucks.

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Slayer in 2006

Slayer - Christ Illusion

I finally got my hands on Slayer’s latest: Christ Illusion. My direct impression was that it was still quite fast and aggressive, which is surprising considering the fact that the guys must be like 100 years old by now.. 😉

The album was quite decent, but nowhere near to “Reign in Blood” or “Seasons in the Abyss”. After the first listening, it feels a bit too flat. I couldn’t find a single song that really stood out. The aggression, as I already mentioned, is there, but aggression alone is not enough. We need things like “Postmortem”, “Dead Skin Mask” or “South of Heaven”.

And, before I forget, don’t go searching for the lyrics. Kerry King had a bad case of lyricwritingitis, and ended up writing a majority of the songs. As a result many of the songs sound similar to “I hate on you and I will poo on you…” I hope the next time Kerry decides to write lyrics, Tom and Jeff break his arms or something. The guy is a great Thrash guitarist, but I’m sure that 100 rabid pigs with baseball bats shoved up their asses can write better lyrics. I wish they would let Araya do the lyrics and Hanneman the music.

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A “Hero” from Brocken

I’ve been spammed with this story from several sources (for example from here) about Linus Torvalds “officially” being recognized as a hero. It is Time Magazine that obviously has people who are overpaid and under-worked enough to find time for this sort of meaningless rabble.

The article lists “Heroes of the last 60 years”. So who does Linus share this achievement with? Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev, among others. Another person on the list is Margaret Thatcher..

No, wait, wait, WAIT ONE FREAKING MINUTE! Since when did that conservative, blood-sucking vampire deserve to be called a hero? What has she done to deserve this? Was it helping a friend in need, never mind that this particular friend happend to be the Butcher Pinochet? Or perhaps it was calling Mandela a terrorist? Interesting that she should be mentioned on the same list as this “terrorist” (I wonder if she’ll approve). Or maybe it was just living off the blood of the British working class.

Margaret Thatcher is an old hag, and should be remembered as such. In fact, I’d be willing to reinstate witch hunts temporarily just so that we could burn her on the stake. If she has been a hero over the last 60 years, then maybe we should also add the likes of Stalin, Charles Manson and Karl Rove to the list as well.

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