The path to Nirvana: latex-beamer

Anytime I have to prepare slides for a presentation I use the superior solution: Latex Beamer. This class has a way of always impressing me with its capabilities.

Usually I’m fine with the default theme, but this time I wanted to add a sidebar to my slides. I thought it would look cool. I used a theme called “Hannover”, which I found very nice and clean. My \author command usually holds my name and email. This looks fine on the cover slide, but since the Hannover theme puts the author name in the sidebar as well, my email address streched outside the sidebar. It didn’t look good at all.

But, hey this is Latex. And this is the beamer class. The solution is to use this command: \author[short name]{long name}. I use my full name as my “short name” and my name and email as my “long name”. Problem solved.

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