Back in Accra

I just got back from one week in Western Region. I was there as part of the i2CAP team. We spent a few days in Takoradi and a few days in Tarkwa.

The idea behind i2CAP is that we give school teachers an introduction to programming. They will in turn teach their students how to program. At the end of it there will be a regional programming competition in which each school selects four participants.

At first, the language used for i2CAP was QBASIC, something I know very little of (I did program a little bit of BASIC, on a Commodore VIC-20 some 11,000 years ago). Now, thankfully, we are using Ruby.

It was really interesting to take part. It gave me more insight into teaching Ruby as a first programming language. I think Ruby has proved itself to be a very good choice.

One thing though: anybody going to Tarkwa and looking for a hotel: do not go to Lynka Hotel. The service, the room and the “breakfast” are all crap. Don’t waste your money one those clowns..
In about a months time I’ll be heading off again as i2CAP goes to Northern Region, Upper East and Upper West.

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  1. I m very interest of ya programm.Am an ivorian living in accra still some days and i want to contact you or i need ya contact .take care

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