There and back again

I just got back from a roadshow that took us to northern Ghana. We were a group from AITI who went all the way up to Paga just at the border to Burkina Faso.

We departed from AITI at 5 o’clock on Friday morning. I hadn’t slept at all the night before, so I was quite tired. Our first stop was at Kumasi where we ran a number of workshops. I was supposed to go to Kumasi Polytechnic to do a talk about open source but the person we were to meet was nowhere to be found. The others had better luck over at KNUST. We spent the first night at Engineering Guest House on KNUST campus.

Saturday morning we all had to get up at 4 o’clock which pissed me off. But we had a long journey. First we went to Tamale where we had lunch. Then we moved on to Bolga where we stayed the second night. A small group went to Navrongo to give another presentation. There wasn’t space in the car, so I didn’t take part in that presentation either. That night a few of us had quite a few drinks. I got very little sleep.

Sunday morning we got up at 4 o’clock again, and I was pissed off again. The trip really sucked from that point of view. After breakfast we departed for Paga, where we went to the Burkina Faso border as well as one of the crocodile ponds. I had been to one of those before but that was many years ago. Crocodiles are fascinating animals. Turning them into tourist attractions isn’t.

When we were done in Paga we spent the rest of the day on the road. We had a long distance to travel, because we had to be back in Kumasi that evening to spend another night at the Engineering Guest House. I reached Kumasi hungry and tired. After dinner a few of us went out to one of the local night clubs. It was quite okay, but after a couple of drinks I needed to get back to the guest house to catch a few hours of sleep.

Monday morning we didn’t have to get up as early. We had breakfast and started the journey back to Accra. It seemed to take forever, but finally we were back. It was so great to be back home.

All in all the trip was quite okay. There were a number of things I wasn’t happy with however. Like the strict military-like disciple. I’m not a disciplined person, period. Early mornings suck. Discipline sucks. Bad food sucks. Not having time to do the things *I* want to do sucks.

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  1. Although I can’t say I’m entirely un-disciplined, I agree with you about being told what to do… I simply hate it.

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