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I finally did the right thing by going here and signing Bruce Perens’ petition against the Novell-Microsoft deal which everybody is talking about. If you value the freedom to write and share software, please read up carefully on the implications of this deal and, if you feel that Novell’s deal with Microsoft is a threat to those freedoms, do sign the petition as well.

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SFD 2006 Accra

The past Saturday, September 16, was Software Freedom Day 2006, an international event celebrating free software. Linux Accra hosted the event in Accra together with AITI.

The event came off to a slightly late start, which didn’t really surprise anybody. It was raining in the morning and that kept people from coming. While we were waiting for people to drop in, we screened Elephants Dream, the worlds first open movie.

After the movie, we had a few presentations. Jhonnel spoke about Software Freedom Day in General, Sabra gave an introduction to what free software is and I spoke shortly on AITI’s commitment to open source. This was followed by a short Q&A session, after which everybody moved out of the auditorium to look at the various demonstrations we had. During the Q&A I took the opportunity to clarify that Linux is not the same thing as open source. Before that, it was more Software Linux Day than anything else.

We had prepared for an install fest, but nobody brought their PCs. So instead Odzangba did a step-by-step walkthrough of installing Linux. That seemed to be what attracted many people’s attention. Apart from that, we were demonstrating Kewl.Nextgen, an open source CMS, and a few other things.

The event went fairly well. Attendance was a bit on the low side, but that’s unfortunately what happens when it rains in the morning. People decide to stay at home. I want to make sure that next year’s SFD attracts much more attention. I also want to make sure that we demonstrate more interesting solutions. I just don’t feel like demonstrating OpenOffice gives the public a good idea of what is possible with free software..

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