Slayer in 2006

Slayer - Christ Illusion

I finally got my hands on Slayer’s latest: Christ Illusion. My direct impression was that it was still quite fast and aggressive, which is surprising considering the fact that the guys must be like 100 years old by now.. 😉

The album was quite decent, but nowhere near to “Reign in Blood” or “Seasons in the Abyss”. After the first listening, it feels a bit too flat. I couldn’t find a single song that really stood out. The aggression, as I already mentioned, is there, but aggression alone is not enough. We need things like “Postmortem”, “Dead Skin Mask” or “South of Heaven”.

And, before I forget, don’t go searching for the lyrics. Kerry King had a bad case of lyricwritingitis, and ended up writing a majority of the songs. As a result many of the songs sound similar to “I hate on you and I will poo on you…” I hope the next time Kerry decides to write lyrics, Tom and Jeff break his arms or something. The guy is a great Thrash guitarist, but I’m sure that 100 rabid pigs with baseball bats shoved up their asses can write better lyrics. I wish they would let Araya do the lyrics and Hanneman the music.

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