Yeah, yeah, so God hates Sweden, so what? Sweden hates God as well.

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A “Hero” from Brocken

I’ve been spammed with this story from several sources (for example from here) about Linus Torvalds “officially” being recognized as a hero. It is Time Magazine that obviously has people who are overpaid and under-worked enough to find time for this sort of meaningless rabble.

The article lists “Heroes of the last 60 years”. So who does Linus share this achievement with? Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev, among others. Another person on the list is Margaret Thatcher..

No, wait, wait, WAIT ONE FREAKING MINUTE! Since when did that conservative, blood-sucking vampire deserve to be called a hero? What has she done to deserve this? Was it helping a friend in need, never mind that this particular friend happend to be the Butcher Pinochet? Or perhaps it was calling Mandela a terrorist? Interesting that she should be mentioned on the same list as this “terrorist” (I wonder if she’ll approve). Or maybe it was just living off the blood of the British working class.

Margaret Thatcher is an old hag, and should be remembered as such. In fact, I’d be willing to reinstate witch hunts temporarily just so that we could burn her on the stake. If she has been a hero over the last 60 years, then maybe we should also add the likes of Stalin, Charles Manson and Karl Rove to the list as well.

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