It’s about time

Recently, a truly horrible human monster, finally did the right thing and died. He’s mourned by his prostitute Maggie. That upper-class tramp should take a note from her fallen friend and go and croak as well. Bitch! What the fuck does she mean that she is “saddened by his death”. Oh, boo hoo, can’t give him no more blow jobs.. She should just STFU.

Bruce may have sung that “Only the Good Die Young”, but at age 91, even Pinochet had to kick it in. Why couldn’t he have done so sooner? Like 30 years ago, perhaps. And to think that he didn’t even get convicted for his crimes against humanity. I don’t believe in Heaven and Hell, but I sure wish they could quickly construct a nice little Inferno for this asshole’s soul to rot in. Hey, that would be a worthwhile bounty! “Create Hell, and place evil dead dictators there”. I think I’d be ready to make a donation towards that one.

The Next question is when is that Yale “graduate” going to do the world the same favor? Or his poodle, Tony B. Liar. Not for a long time, I guess. At least they could do like Ronnie did, and turn themselves into vegetables. I don’t mean to make fun of Alzheimer’s. It’s a terrble disease that claims a lot of lives. It’s just that some people deserve to have horrible things happen to them.

Which brings us back to the guest of honor, the late General. He killed, he tortured, and he got away with it. He wouldn’t have got away with it, but hey, this is DEMOCRACY: you can get away with anything as long as you have powerful friends. I guess those late night sessions, stroking Maggie’s labia with your tongue paid off, didn’t they, General?

Late Gen. Augusto Pinochet, I am sincerly glad you are dead. I hope your death was painful. You won’t be missed. Fuck off!

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