Feisty breakage: let the fun begin

The Feisty repositories have been open for some time now, but initially there was very little coming in. Now its slowly beginning to pick up, and today looks like a good day. How about this:

1. Gnome panel has its usual development cycle issues. It’s not refusing to start, and it doesn’t throw off all those annoying “Panel already running” crap, but loads of applets die after a while.

2. Fonts are so ugly at the moment that reading any text gives me major headaches.

3. Of all the Mono-based applications I’ve tried so far, only two seem to be working: MemoryEaterPerfected (aka Beagle) and Tomboy. Everything else refuses.

4. DRI is not working, which means no UFO:AI until kernel, Xorg and Fglrx are in sync again 😦

Well, that’s it for now, but more should start breaking soon. The big breakage fest will start after UDS. I hope they do their worst this time. Edgy development was outright boring..

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